international photo contest

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012
Entries (Entry Fees: Free)
The exhibition is open to anyone, however, an entry may be rejected when the selectors believes the entry dose not conform to exhibition rules and conditions. Entries must be submitted via this online entry form and must originate as photographs (image captures of objects via light sensitivity). All photographic content in an image must be the solo work of the photographer.
Grand Prize Winner: Flying ticket to Egypt – 3 nights Accommodation in 5 star hotel – Cairo Tour.
5 Gold medals in each category, 30 gold medals in excellence of photography will be selected by judges.
Group of PSA judges
Individual international Juries:
Joe Smith / Malta
Ayman Lotfy / Egypt
AMIPP-RDPSA – PSA Middle East Region Director
Teodor Pantea / Romania
Teacher of photography in the University of Oradea Doctor in photographic history
Ali Ghorbani/ Hong Kong
Hong kong Photographic Society – Advertising professional Photographer
Dr. Mohsin Allam / Egypt
Photo editor Egypt Today and Business Magazines
Federeco Poggi / Italy
President of Venice International Photo Contest
2012 Calendar
Closing Date: 15 October 2012
Start of Judging Date: 1 November 2012
End of Judging Date: 10 November 2012
Results: 15 November at 12 Pm GMT 2012
Winners Ceremony / Exhibition / show: 22 December 2012
Mailing date for awards: 25 December 2012
EIPC committee
Dahlia Khattab
Public Relation Director
Ayman Emara
Vice President
Ashraf Talaat FRPS / Egypt
Contest Chairman
Egyptian Photographers Association
International Photo Contest CONTEST RULES & NOTES
Photographs entered into one theme should not to be duplicated in another theme
Any photographs content wars, violence, blood or nude will not be accepted in this contest
Four images in each of 2 themes only, total of 8 photographs.
Photographs will be projected in the RGB color space (even if they are monochrome photographs) at 1600 pixels for biggest Rib and not more than 2 MB for each photo. Entries must be submitted in .jpg format
EIPC accepts Cropping , dodging, burning, contrast, color correction for ONLY Photojournalism, Photo travel, Nature and Landscape but not computer manipulations by adding new subjects to the photograph
Photograph that will be posted to the contest with signature or special frame will be rejected
Not all photographs uploaded to the contest appear on the home page, photographs are randomly shown on the home page by the system
Not all photographs uploaded to the system are shown immediately. There are some approvals should be taken by the contest management to publish the photographs that will be eligible to participate in the contest, this process may take up to 72 hours from uploading. Some photographs may be rejected.
Nature theme (Wildlife) is defined as one or more organisms living free and unrestrained in a natural or adopted habitat, doesn’t mean landscape. Photographs of cultivated plants, or animals which are domesticated caged or under any form of restraint will be rejected under this theme.

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